Understanding Online Learning & Teaching Methodologies

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An Innovative Course for Innovative Educators. Learn about Online Learning & Teaching Tools. Understand the difference between Free & Customized tools. Understanding how to be an effective teacher online.

Course Timeline:
Video on 10 common Myths of Online Learning & Teaching .
Details about the course
What will I learn?
Introduction to Module 1
Understanding what is online classroom.
Why is online teaching important
Learning about the benefits of Online Learning for Students
Understanding the shift from classroom learning to online learning
How do i teach online?
What will I learn?
Understanding the concept of Online Teaching
Understand why teach online
Learn about the resources required for Online Teaching
Learning about the Open and Institutional Support Technologies. Meaning, Differences & Benefits
This module is about the different steps involved in creating an effective online teaching content
Learn about what is essential to conduct an effective online classroom.
Differences between Open Educational Resource V/s Customised Resource
Learn the steps involved for planning effective online classes
What is Step 1 in planning an effective online class?
Understanding Planning & Designing for Effective Online Classes
Learning to Implement an effective online class
Learning how to communicate with students
Learning how to communicate with students using blended instructions
Learning to Plan Assignments
Steps for effective teaching online
Pointers to effective online teaching
Learn about the steps to teach online effectively
Understanding the planning process for Effective Online Teaching
Learning to design an effective online lesson plan
Understanding how to design plans for different types of learners
Steps to understand how a student has progressed in a particular topic
Short Video to understand about collaboration in effective online lesson planning
Learning about how to motivate students during online learning
Understanding how metacognition helps is designing an effective lesson plan
Understanding how to build a good content for effective online teaching & learning
Learn how to implement an effective online lesson plan
Learning to create and understand assessments.
Importance of Parental Involvement & Tips for parents to help their child to learn online
Understanding and reviewing Open Access Technology
Understand the benefits of Closed Technology Tools and learning how to create an effective plan using a Closed Technology Tool
Sample Video of an effective online class
Contentbrix- How to use customized tools for Effective teaching- Part 1
Contentbrix- How to use customized tools for Effective teaching- Part 2
Part 3- Content creation on a customised/ closed technology tool
Assignbrix- Teacher Creating as assignment- Customized/ Closed Technology
Video on Assignbrix- Student submits an Assignment- Customized/ Closed Technology
Video explaining how Evalbrix- Student Dashboard works .
Video to summarise how the Edbrix host of products help in creating an effective online lesson plan
FAQ's on Online Teaching & Learning

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  • By: Uday Sonawane
    3 years ago

    Namaste, Thank you Team LIFE. I really appreciate the efforts taken to develop "Understanding Online Learning & Teaching Methodologies" course. It is easy to go online, but teaching online is a challenging task. this course has addressed all facets of online learning and teaching process. The beauty of the program lies in presenting the content in smaller chunks. It made it easy to understand and internalize the topics. The videos embedded in the content are way ahead than the imagination and give scope to understand the need of the generation and where we stand today. The narrator has done the justice to the presentation. It seems that it is real time interaction. It has been a great value addition to my knowledge. I have started implementing the tips learnt in this program to the online classroom teaching to the NDA aspirants, and it is doing wonders. I recommend this course to the teachers to make most of the efforts put in the online teaching and learning. Thanks with warm regards, Uday Dhanraj Sonawane