TSB Week 7 Grade 3 Lesson Plans

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The students develop their writing skills, homophones, understand the expanded form of numbers and learn about the food.

Course Timeline:
Mary and the three bears, Homophones ,Expanded Form, Food we eat
Learning Objective and Learning Outcomes for English, Maths, EVS
Recapitulate the story in the form of synopsis in the order it happened and write it on the board
Let the children complete the exercise after discussing each bit on the  Math Textbook Pg. No. 24 & 25
Explain that the food taken by people in different countries and cultures will be different they need to appreciate the cultural diversity in food and also understand the food needs of various people.
Ask the students to read the jumble words and make a meaningful sentence, the students can discuss
The students can read the problems on Math Textbook Pg. No. 26, then discuss giving a chance to each student to solve one bit of the exercise given and later complete it on their own without guidance
Read the text explain them we depend on plants and animals for our food  EVS Textbook Pg. No.60. Show the video given
Encourage the children to express themselves, avoid questions that can be answered with yes or no.
Explain the PDF in detail. Instruct the students to complete Math Textbook Pg. No. 27
Read the text on EVS Textbook Pg. No. 63 & 66 and explain the children that why we cook food and items are cooked in a different way.
Show the PDF Homophones with a proper slide-wise explanation.
Recapitulate the concept of comparison of greater and smaller numbers in the form of synopsis. Then guide the children to complete the exercise on Math Textbook Pg. No. 28
Tell the children to observe the pictures on the EVS Textbook Pg. No. 64 & 65 and Speak about the how utensils are made, used for cooking and its diversity in different regions

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