TSB Week 3 Grade 4 Lesson Plans

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Students enjoy the poem, revise punctuations, draw shapes freehand, and learn about sportsmanship.

Course Timeline:
Punctuation Shapes Traffic Rules
Exploring complex issues such as school with poetry is a great way for children to process it all.
As the children are aware of the basic shapes; explain them with demonstration that the outline of the solid shapes gives a plane shape Math. Textbook Pg. No. 15 & 16.
Explain these games to the students and the rules how they are played so that the students understand and choose any 3 and write about them.
Discuss the questions and encourage them to write the answers on their own on  Eng. Textbook Pg. No.16
Explain the Activity. Make it fun and interesting
Show the PDF. Explain in detail.
Tell the children to read and observe the process of making the paper rabbit as on the Eng. Textbook Pg. No.17 & 18 .
Discuss about the shapes given on the Math. Textbook Pg. No. 18 and tell them to observe the way each shape is different.
Explain about the different types of Sports. Tell about different Sports People
Read the steps, write them on the board then demonstrate it step-by-step and ask them to follow along carefully because later they have to write the steps of how they made the swan.
Students are supposed to draw 50 pictures using various shapes.
Explain about playing helps children to develop physically and mentally
Learning Objective and Learning Outcomes for English, Maths, EVS

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