All Boards Grade 5 Week 15 Math (New)

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Learning about fractions 

Course Timeline:
Activity on topics covered in the week PPT on topics covered in the week
Show the video for a better understanding of the concept. Explain the given examples to make them understand the fraction.
Briefly explain the children about showing ⅓ on a number line [ Play the given video one more time if u feel the requirement] 
Once the video is over, ask one of the kids to read the question on page no. 120 in the textbook, and tell what they have to do. 
Show the children the given PPT to make them understand how to add and subtract fractions
After they are done with the video, ask the children to solve page no. 122 and 123
Show the PPT. Read out the question for them and ask them to solve the problems on page no. 122 & 123.
Show the video. Tell the students that they have to finish the ex.given in the lesson from page no. 125 to 131.

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