TSB Grade 5 Week 1 EVS

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Knowing about how animals have been our companions, Protectors and how they have been used by humans for livelihood, To make children understand that it is our responsibility to protect them.

Course Timeline:
Lesson Purpose- To make children understand how animals have been with us since the beginning of civilization and how man has used animals to earn his livelihood. Making the children realize that it is our duty and responsibility to protect animals
Read the lesson and introduce them to the chapter, share the story of Lingaiah the Sheep Owner.
Making them understand how animals are useful and important to us,
Explain and discuss the other important uses of animals
Discuss the Needs and difficulties faced by the animals because of humans
Talk and make them understand the human cruelty on animals for their own benefit,
Show them the video to make them understand how important Animals and plants are for each other and for the whole environment.

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