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The Foundations of Teaching for learning program is designed for teachers and educators of all abilities and backgrounds; from those who are new to the classroom and looking for development, to experienced teachers ready to reboot their skills for modern education. This Course program will help develop and strengthen the skills in teaching, professionalism, assessment, and more. This Course attempts to prepare the Early Childhood teachers to interact meaningfully with young children .The course is built on an understanding of the child as an active participant in events and activities around as well as a keen observer of phenomena. This Course will help teachers in assessing their current role and the things they find easy or difficult to do and will help teachers to identify the areas they need to focus on for Professional Development. Teachers will also learn about various techniques of effective lesson planning.

Course Timeline:
1. Develop overall teacher competencies for pedagogy, class room management and nurturing every child, the elements that need to be present for effective teaching and successful learning to take place. 2. Raise standards of children’s achievement and promote high-quality learning and teaching in schools. 3. Train teachers to support in the development of schools as professional learning communities. 4. Help teachers to face the daily challenge of balancing pre-determined curriculum with individual learning style.
Quiz on Ikigai...
Understanding the Indian School System
Understanding the Education System in India in the earlier days. Gurukula System
Quiz on the Indian E...
Understanding the levels in the Indian School system
Introduction to the various boards of schools in India
Learning & Understanding how the different school systems originated and were introduced in the Indian School System
A Short video on the challenges in the Current Indian Education System
A video comparing the education systems across the world
Quiz on the School S...
Understanding a teacher's life
A Short Video on learning about the top 10 qualities of an effective teacher
Various Functions of a teacher
Learning about how to be an inspirational teacher
Learning about the 5 qualities of a good teacher
Learning how to be an effective teacher
Learning and Understanding about the various functions of a teacher
Short Video on Teacher as a Role Model
An inspirational video about teachers !!!
Quiz on understandin...
Learning about the importance of Teacher Children Interaction
Video to understand the importance of Good Teacher- Children Interaction
Understanding what is positive Teacher- Child Relationship?
How to have a good teacher - children interaction?
Learning about What to say? What to Not say to Children.
Learning about What to say? What to Not say to Children.
Quiz on Teacher- Chi...
Understanding the benefits of Positive Teacher- Child Interaction
Benefits of Good Teacher-Child Interactions
Tips to improve Teacher- Child Interaction
Quiz time - Benefits...
Learning about the Various Roles of Teachers
What are the different roles played by a teacher in the class?
Student's Perspective- Good Qualities of a teacher
Tips to improve teaching in the classroom
Quiz on Role to teac...
Understanding what is Professional Development and learning the importance of Professional Development for teachers
What is Professional Development for Teachers?
Why do teachers need Professional Development?
Understanding the importance of Professional Development for Teachers
Quiz on Professional...
What is a Lesson Plan? Importance of Lesson Planning
Essentials of a Good Lesson Plan
Quiz on Lesson Plann...
Importance of Lesson Planning
Need for Additional support
Assessment on the Co...

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